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What Have You Done? What Have You Loved? 2023 Edition

It’s that time of year again – award eligibility posts are popping up around the various scattered corners of the internet, and readers are starting to reflect on their favorite works of the past year. Every year for the past several years, I’ve assembled a links round-up post of eligibility posts, recommended reading posts, and general helpful links and resources.

If you’re an author, editor, or publisher and you have such a post, either of your own work or work you’ve loved this year, please do send your link my way and I’ll add it to the list. Feel free to drop it in the comments, or email me at

If you’re an author, editor, publisher, or creator with award eligible work, and you’re on the fence about putting together a post, I highly encourage you to do it. It’s a valuable way to reflect on what you did in the past year, not to mention letting others know what work you have out there and in what categories your work is eligible. There’s so much work published each year, it’s hard to keep up, so it never hurts to remind people what you’ve done.

I’ll be putting together my own eligibility post at some point, as well as my usual recommended reading posts. I’ll also be updating this post frequently with new links as I find or receive them. In the meantime, browse the links below, check out the fantastic work that’s been published in 2023, and send your own link my way!

Sarah Gailey has also put together an eligibility link round-up. Check out their list here.

General Award Info and Resource Links

Aurora Awards (eligible works may be suggested until 2/24/24)

Hugo Awards (nominations close 3/9/24)

Locus Awards (voting closes 4/15/2024)

Nebula Awards (nominations close 2/29/24)

Otherwise Awards (recommendations closed 12/31/23)

Science Fiction Awards Database

Shirley Jackson Awards (submissions from publishers only through 3/29/24)

Stoker Awards (recommendations closed 1/15/24)

World Fantasy Awards

WSFA Small Press Awards

Recommended Reading Links

Barnes & Noble Best Books of 2023

Book Riot Books of the Year

Books Are My Bag Readers’ Award 2023

CBC Best Canadian Books of 2023

Foyles Book of the Year Shortlist

Ephiny Gale Recommended Reading

The Guardian Best of 2023

Maria Haskins Recommended Reading 2023

A.P. Howell Recommended Reading

Library Journal Best Horror of 2023

Bonnie McDaniel Recommended Reads

Lyndsie Manusos Favorite Reads of 2023

Nerds of a Feather Hugo Recommendation List Part 1

Nerds of a Feather Hugo Recommendation List Part 2

Nerds of a Feather Hugo Recommendation List Part 3

Nerds of a Feather Hugo Recommendation List Part 4

NPR Best Books of 2023

New York Public Library Best Books of 2023

New York Times Best Books of 2023

Publishers Lunch Top 10 Books of 2023

Publishers Weekly Best Books of the Year

Slate Best Books of 2023

Carlie St. George Recommended Reading

Tor Reviewers Choice Best Books of 2023

Tor Notable SFFH YA for 2023

Eugenia Triantafyllou Recommended Reading

Waterstones Book of the Year Shortlist

Wallstreet Journal Best Books of 2023

Waterstones Books of the Year

Fran Wilde’s Reading Recommendations 2023

John Wiswell’s Favorite Short Fiction of 2023

Author/Editor/Publisher Eligibility Post Links

Amado, Laila

Apex Magazine

Arther, Azure

Astounding Award Eligible Authors

Atthis Arts

Ayala, V.M.

Baldwin, Joaquin

Barlow, Devan

Barb, Patrick

Barton, Phoebe

Bell, E.D.E.

Bernardo, Renan

Blackwell, Laura

Bleeding Edge Books

Buchanan, Andi C.

Burnett, Emma

Burrows, Rex

Cahill, Martin

Campbell, Tara

Canas, Isabel

Carroll, Shiloh

Carruth, Katrina

Case, Stephen

Chan, L.

Chandrasekera, Vajra

Chang, Myna

Cherry, Jr., Danny

Chng, Joyce

Chou, Vivian

Christopolou, Danai

Clark, Chloe N.

Cornell, P.A.

Criley, Marc A.

Crilly, Brandon

Croal, Lyndsey

de Winter, Gunnar

Daley, Ray

Das, Indrapramit

Datlow, Ellen

Deal, Ef

Donohue, Jennifer

Dosser, Max

Duckworth, Jonathan Louis

Dunato, Jelena

Duncan, RK

Edelman, Scott

Elegant Literature

Emelumadu, Chikodili

Emem Harry, Gabrielle

Epeki, Oghenechovwe Donald

Feldman, Stephanie

Fiyah Magazine

Fogg, Vanessa

Fuller, Andrew S.

Fusion Fragment

Gale, Ephiny

Gammon, Jendia

Garcia-Rosas, Nelly Geraldine

Gensler, Jonathan

Glover, Jenna

Goldfuss, A.L.

Grabianowski, Ed

Grech, Amy

Ha, Thomas

Haber, Elad

Hallow, S.M.

Hanolsy, Christine

Hanson, Josh

Haskell, N.V.

Haskins, Maria

Heartfield, Kate

Heijndermans, Joachim

Heike, Sylvia

Henry, Veronica G.

Hexagon Magazine

Howell, A.P.

Holloway, Dee

Holloway, Verity

Hudson, Andrew Dana

Hugenbruch, Brian

Hugo Eligibility Spreadsheet

Hurtado, Ana


Interzone Digital

J, Chase

Jordan, Latoya

Joseph, R.J.

Kemske, Abigail

Khoreo Magazine

Kim, Isabel J.

King, Scott

Kinney, Benjamin C.

Kotowych, Stephen

Kurella, Jordan

Kuriata, Chris

Lafountaine, Keith

Levato, Francesco

Lingen, Marissa

Liu, Angela

Lockwood, Ben

Louzon, Monica

Low, P.H.

Lu, Lark Morgan

McIvor, Katie

Mcleod, Lindz

Manusos, Lyndsie

Marken Jack, Ariel

Mingault, Reed

Mittra, Archita

Mohamed, Premee

Mote, Rajiv

Nerds of a Feather

Ness, Mari

Nguyen, Vina

Nogle, Christi

Older, Malka

Oritz, Martin

Pattanaik, Mandira

Peacock, Dan

Pearce, C.H.

Perkins, Keira

Pichette, Marisca

Pladek, B.

Rappaport, Jenny Rae

Ren, Melissa

Reynolds, Jeff

Roanhorse, Rebecca

Rose, Camden

Rosenberg, Zachary

Rountree, Joshua

Saxey, E.

Schaeffer, Kathleen

Seiberg, Effie

Seidel, Alexandra

Sheffer, Marguerite

Space Cowboy Books

St. George, Carlie

Stephens, Elise

Stewart, Andrea G.

Sulaiman, Sonia

Syringa, J.

Talabi, Wole


Ten, Kristina

Three-Lobed Burning Eye Magazine

Toase, Steve

Tobler, E. Catherine Short Fiction

Treasure, Rebecca

Triantafyllou, Eugenia

Uncanny Magazine

Undertow Books

Victoria, Ricardo

Wagner, Wendy

Wehm, Darusha

Wilde, Fran

Wiswell, John

Wolverton, Nicole M.

Yeager Rodriguez, Karlo

Yoachim, Caroline M.

Yoakeim, Ramez

Yu, Kelsea

Zelkovich, B.

15 thoughts on “What Have You Done? What Have You Loved? 2023 Edition

  1. Award 🧵: this year I got my story “Asleep at the Wheel of the Razorwave Grand Prix” published in “The Back Forty” anthology! If you love the unknown and unorthodox racing stories, give it a read!

  2. LITTLE NOTHING by Dee Holloway (Queen of Swords Press, 2023) is eligible for all new novella awards.

  3. Thank you for this opportunity! I’d like to share my 2023 book “Spirits in Our Midst – Ghost Stories” by B.J. Lawyer. I tried my best to entwine some love stories with explorations of life and death that oftentimes end with romantically heartwarming conclusions. Others are just a little gruesome and dark, as most ghost stories usually are, lol. I hope you enjoy them –

  4. Thanks so much for doing this yet again! Here’s a little post from me.

  5. This is so lovely and kind of you to compile!

    2 things so far, with 1 forthcoming yet this month:

    My folk horror short story “The Hatchet Man of Wehr Road” was published in LONELY HOLLOWS: FIFTEEN TALES OF FOLK HORROR via Pavane Press this spring

    My non-fiction essay “Between the Dreaming and the Dead” about the liminal space that dreams and ghost stories inhabit, was released in the November edition of Apex Magazine, Issue 141 (It will be live on their blog 12/14/23)
    Later this December, my non-fiction essay “On Paranormal Chaplaincy” will be published by The Deadlands Magazine

    Thank you so much! All of these pieces are so dear to my heart, so I’d be honored if folks took a look and considered them!

  6. Thanks for doing this!

    INTERZONE eligibility is here:

    IZ Digital eligibility is here:

    Cheers 🙂

  7. I did my usual eligibility post/recommended works post! Thanks, as always, for doing this!

  8. This is such a kind thing for you to do. I have two eligible stories this year. I’d love for you to include my link:

  9. Thank you for doing this! I hope I’m not too late. Here is the link to my post:

  10. If you’re still updating the list, my story “Strange Eons” was published by Bourbon Penn. It’s here:

    Thanks for doing this!

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