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Readercon 2024

I’ll be at Readercon in Quincy, MA from July 11-14. It’s one of my favorite cons, and one I try to attend every year. This is the first year I’ll be officially on programming, which I’m looking forward to, since the panels are usually great. Here’s where you can find me.

Setting as Character – Friday, July 12 at 12p.m. – Salon 4

Panelists: Graham Sleight (M), A.C. Wise, Charlie Allison, Ian Muneshwar, Julie C. Day

Well-realized settings are frequently described as characters in their own right, but what does it mean for a writer to treat their setting as a character? From the depiction of towns and societies as having their own character and motivations irrespective of the individuals within them, as in Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery, to the supernatural manifestation of place as person in N.K. Jemisin’s The City We Became, this panel will discuss how settings become more than merely the backdrop for characters and their actions, but characters themselves.

Graduating (?) to Novels from Short Stories – Friday, July 12 at 2p.m. – Salon 4

Panelists: A.C. Wise (M), Barbara Krasnoff, Elizabeth Bear, Gwynne Garfinkle, Karen Heuler

Reviewing Kelly Link’s first novel, Amal El-Mohtar said, “A certain weight of expectation accrues on writers of short fiction who haven’t produced a novel, as if the short story were merely the larval stage of longer work. No matter how celebrated the author and her stories, … the sense persists: She will eventually graduate from the short form to the long.” How can the harms of this expectation be avoided? Are there any benefits to it? Do novelists experience any inverse pressure to craft tight short stories?

Author Reading – Saturday, July 13 at 3:30p.m. – Salon C

Guess I should figure out what I’m reading…

The full schedule for the con can be found here.