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World Fantasy Convention 2023

I’m at the World Fantasy Convention in Kansas City this weekend. I’ve posted about my experience being one of the judges for the awards this year, and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to talk about it in person during the judges’ panel. Along with that panel, I’m on a few other program items as well. Here are the official places you can find me.

Apex Publishing Group Reading – Friday at 2p.m – Reading Room 1/Chouteau A

Marie Croke, Beth Dawkins, Izzy Wasserstein, and I will read from Apex-published work, hosted by Leah Ning.

Gothic Horror and Ghost Stories – Friday at 3p.m. – Atlanta/New York

We all love a good spooky story, or at least most of us do. But what exactly is it that draws us to this type of horror? What are the elements that make the subgenre tick?

Brenda Carre (M), Tananarive Due, Adam-Troy Castro, A.C. Wise, Donald McCarthy

Mass Autograph Reception – Friday at 8p.m. – Ballroom Foyer

Sexual & Erotic Horror – Saturday at 10p.m. – Atlanta/New York

Sex and horror have been thematically intertwined since time immemorial. This discussion will explore the differences between sexual and erotic horror, what makes them so effective in storytelling, and how we can use those themes to explore our fears and our own dark sides in a structured way.

A.C. Wise (M), Penelope Flynn, Chris M. Arnone

World Fantasy Award Banquet/World Fantasy Award Presentation – Sunday at 1p.m. – Atlanta/New York

World Fantasy Award Judges Panel – Sunday at 4 p.m. – Atlanta/New York

Following the WFA Ceremony, the judges will discuss this year’s award process and answer questions.

Ginny Smith, A.C. Wise, Kelly Robson, Ian Whates

That’s where I’ll be officially this weekend. Other than that, I’m hoping to explore the city a bit, and maybe even try some Kansas City BBQ. If you’re at the con this weekend as well, say hi!

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